Weekly Lessons can be emailed directly from your small group shepherd. 

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Options "What Does it mean to be Chosen?": 

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Introduction to "What does it mean to be Chosen?"

Women in the Word Services begins September 21st! Live in Person and on Zoom in small groups, this series will include an interactive video bible study of Season One of the Chosen, about the life of Jesus. Women in the Word will deep dive into “What does it actually mean to be Chosen?”

Tuesday Services for women will be from 630-830pm at the New Hope Lead Center. All New Hope Service safety protocols will be observed including masks and No Food. All Women are welcome.

We will be playing the videos Live on Tuesday Nights at the New Hope Oahu lead center. Each week we will discuss and answer questions from the study guide that correspond to the previous weeks episode.  We will also have prayer and worship on September 21st. Please register for in-person  -as we are required to contact trace. 

You can also choose an On-Line Study Group Option and watch from the comfort of your home on Computer, Phone,  IPad, or Smart  TV.  At your convenience before your small group meets watch the video and then join one of the Online Study groups to discuss the questions and pray for one another. 

You can register online for In-person or join On-Zoom with one of our Women in the Word Shepherds.


Starting September 21st -Tuesday Nights

New Hope Women in the Word Services 


New Hope Lead Center 

Register today! Or join an Online study!