New Hope

Book Club

Have a passion for reading? 

Looking to 
hob nob and have fun with seasoned and potential new friends?  

Want to expand your library or expose yourself to some new literary material?  

Interested in hearing and sharing God's faithfulness?  This group is the one for YOU!.

The Women of Hope gather together once a month and would love to have you join us for some light refreshments and warm fellowship, with lively discussions on thought-provoking book club selections each month. 

Our reading list offers an exciting array of Christian Fiction books- contemporary, biblical and historical sagas, and even some mystery romance- imparting inspirational messages of faith, hope, and redemption that promises to draw you closer to God.  

 Below, you will find the list for the rest of this year.  This month will be our first month back and there is STILL TIME to read, 
start reading, or even attend our first meeting to meet us and get inspired to read.